September 01, 2020



Entertainment-based English Learning Facilitator(online English teacher) @ Magna Party

We, Japanese people study English very hard but most of us are not able to do English
conversation. This is a big social issue for long long time. Out team are trying to change this
situation completely. Out aim is to make “all the Japanese children to use English with

In order to do that, we have developed “fun learning method” which provide the self-driven
English learning motivation through fun experience.


Our service : Magna Party (Still only Japanese site)

Please watch our service introduction video.

We only have Japanese version only but we believe you can see how much kids enjoy our services nad the uniqueness of our serivices.

Ordinary English Class 
TEACH(Give the answer) 

Our class
▶DISCOVER(Obtain the answer)
▶Story & Quiz (Motivation to communicate)

Our original smartphone App, learn through CG animation story & battle game.
Prized by Japan e-learning Award (AI sector)

We provide VERY UNIQUE online English learning to Japanese kids(mainly 6 years old - 12 years old). We do NOT use textbook but we provide the original CG anime based story & quiz as opportunity to motivate students to communicate with English teacher.

We’ve started this service in 2020 Aug. So this is brand-new service but we’ve already have lots of
customers to join! Making the long lines (3months! )for free-trial lesson!

- English Learning Facilitator(new type of English teacher) to kids.

●Group Learning with Fixed members/time.
Each lesson is done with fixed students group(at max 5 students for one class) and with fixed time slot(e.g.
every Monday 16:00-16:40)

●Story & Quiz
Each lesson has story & quiz with target phrases. You and kids to try to solve the issue & quiz together.
Through that activity we expect student to obtain the target phrases.
You are expected to facilitate the English conversation through this activity.

●Bilingual Japanese supporter
You work together with Bilingual Japanese supporter (Supporter) in the class.
Supporter basically do not speak English but encourage the students to communicate cheer up the students.

・Native English speaker
・the type of person who loves empowering and entertaining children, communicating with
・+18 years old.
・keep the time for the lessson for the period(at least 6 months).
Our lesson is done by fixed class with fixed time. e.g. every Monday 18:00(JST).
・keep the time that was promised.
・Able to show initiative and take responsibility.
・Good organizational skills.

・person who has performance experience such as stage actor, singer etc.
・person who has workshop facilitator experience.
・person who are comfortable using a laptop or desktop with High-Speed Internet Connection.


*Training will be provided by our team of experienced trainers (training will be conducted online).


Japanese language skill


Fee for Lesson : 1,050 JPY for a 35-minute lesson(Calculated by hourly rate 1,800 JPY)
Fee for Training & Meeting : Hourly rate : 1,500 JPY

Anytime (Not decided as the contract is an outsourcing agreement)
Mon - Fri : 16:00-21:00
Sat/Sun : 10:00-19:00 or 12:00-21:00

Since our lesson is with fixed time slot(e.g. every Monday 16:00-16:40),
you are expected to block your time for the lessons.
(in case of your important issue, you can ask for substitutional teacher.)

Work from home/anywhere (a quiet teaching environment)
High speed & stable internet environment is mandatory.